At Blunteffects®, we carry an extensive line of odor-eliminating handmade candles—and each one is hand-poured to perfection. Our candles are made of a soy wax blend and infused with essential oils without the use of harsh chemicals and artificial scents. That way, you can enjoy healthier, happier smells!
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With our variety bundles, you can experience a wide range of fragrances without breaking the bank. We carefully curate these bundles to offer you a diverse selection of scents, ensuring that there's something for everyone.
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We constantly strive to provide our valued customers with fresh and captivating aromas, and these new fragrances are sure to impress.


Odor Neutralizers & Home Incense Air Fresheners

Are you looking to improve the scent of your home without relying on harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances? Look no further than Blunteffects®, where we carry US-made natural odor neutralizers and incense air fresheners with clean, refreshing scents. For over a decade, we have provided high-quality air deodorizers that help eliminate unpleasant smells. Our odor eliminators for homes are oil-based and concentrated, elevating the luxurious scents you’ll enjoy with our products. Offering an elevated ambiance, our products will create a warm, inviting environment for visitors and residents alike. If you want to transform your odor-ridden home into a deliciously scented paradise, contact us today about our odor neutralizers.


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Blunteffects® small incense has 12 sticks per pack. Blunteffects® jumbo incense has 30 sticks per pack.

Solaysis® has 20 sticks per pack.

We do not recommend that you use spray air-fresheners as burning oils as each product is specifically formulated.

Since quality is our top priority, our blends are formulated in batches. Each batch may slightly differ since the raw materials and components of each fragrance comes from various parts of the world. Believe it or not, the pandemic has affected our supply chain for our blends.

We try our best to process all orders in a timely manner. Please allow 3-5 business days to process. Shipping times are different from processing times. Thank you for your cooperation.