Spring Cleaning: Best Scents for Revitalizing Your Home

Spring Cleaning: Best Scents for Revitalizing Your Home

For many homeowners, it’s the time of the year to get out the cleaning supplies, put on the rubber gloves, and start cleaning every nook and cranny to remove the dirt, dust, and debris left over from winter. If you’re looking for the best scents for revitalizing your home for spring cleaning, check out our list of floral and citrus aromas below!

Floral Aromas for Spring


Lavender is a favorite floral aroma for many homeowners due to its calming and relaxing qualities. If you get stressed during spring cleaning (who doesn’t?), introducing a lavender aroma to your home can relax your mind and make your home feel more tranquil and soothing.


Another popular floral fragrance in many homes is jasmine. Thanks to its sweet, relaxing aroma, many people use jasmine scents at night to fall asleep. The smell of jasmine evokes gardens in bloom, so it’s the perfect aroma for spring!


Rose is the ideal floral scent for people who like to sophisticated, elegant aromas in their homes. When we think of roses, we often think of luxury and class, and the smell of roses will make your space feel more indulgent and comforting. A timeless floral classic, a rose scent is the perfect finishing touch to a freshly cleaned home.

Citrus Scents for Cleaning


Odds are that many of the cleaning products you’ll use for spring cleaning in your home will be citrus-scented. So consider a lemon air freshener that will highlight the zesty aroma of your spring cleaning. The vibrant, tangy scent of lemon is excellent for eliminating odors, and it instantly connects our minds with a clean living space.


Orange is another one of the best scents for spring cleaning and revitalizing your home, as it’s ideal for eliminating odors and purifying the air. A whiff of oranges makes us feel alert and boosts our energy—like drinking a refreshing glass of orange juice in the morning. Spring is all about rejuvenation, and an orange aroma alerts our noses that it’s a new, vibrant season.


Neroli comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It’s the best combination of floral and citrus aromas in many ways. Neroli has the sweet, honeyed, delicate scent of floral fragrances as well as a fresh, bitter, citrusy aroma for a complex, stimulating bouquet. If you can’t decide between floral and citrus fragrances, neroli is a terrific compromise!

Revitalize Your Home With Spring Scents From Blunteffects®

If you’d like to incorporate any (or all) of these fragrances into your spring cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. Blunteffects® has all these scents and more in the form of concentrated odor-eliminators for homes. Whether you’re looking for a floral or citrusy aroma for your home, you’ll likely find it in our wide selection of natural air fresheners and odor neutralizers.

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