Body Oils

    Men, Women, and Unisex Perfumed Body Oils

    Don't let your B.O. get in the way of how you feel! Blunteffects® Perfumed Body Oils are the perfect products for keepin' it fresh on the go without the fear of aluminum deodorants and artificial aerosol sprays. Using our roll-on body oil packaging allows for quick and easy application, regardless of whether you’re heading to an important meeting or a first date. Our perfumed body oils are available in Men, Women & Unisex fragrances. You get the best results when you apply the product to pulse points. If you want to know more about our body oil products and how to use them, refer to our Instructions For Use guide today to get started.


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    Men's Fragrance Body Oils
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    Unisex Fragrance Body Oils
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    Women's Fragrance Body Oils
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