Spray Air-Fresheners

A subtle spray of Blunteffects® Air-freshener has the power to trigger precious memories and a multiplicity of emotions that can lift spirits, improve mood, enrich driving experiences and lead to an overall feeling of pleasure and happiness. (1 oz.)
Over 100 Fragrances to choose from.
Blunteffects® Air fresheners can be used in:
• Home, Car (use caution), Office, Bathroom or Closet 
Our 100% concentrated oil-based air fresheners must be sprayed with CAUTION as it is synthetically formulated to provide the strongest scent.
Directions for use: Push the nozzle to spray the air-freshener in any desired area. Suggested use - Spray at least 24-30 inches away from surface. DO NOT SPRAY in car vents or towards the dashboard. Use caution while using in any part of your car.
Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes & skin. Avoid contact with vinyl, leather, fabric or any sensitive material. Spraying too close to the surface can damage materials.
*This product is an air-freshener and is for external use only. Our air-fresheners are bottled in the United States.*