• Organic Soaps Vs. Store Brand Soap

    When it comes to scrub-a-dub-dubbing, many people don’t think about the ingredients in their soaps. According, “As the human body’s largest and only exterior organ, your skin comes into contact with pollutants on the daily. On top of the dirt and bacteria it touches, skin also absorbs any chemicals in the soaps you use to wash yourself.” Store brand soaps contain a rather large variety of ingredients, much which are hard to even pronounce, and they can cause more harm than good. A great chunk of commercial soaps include parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic perfume and artificial coloring; bad mix of bad stuff!

    Organic, natural soaps are the better route to go, as they contain healthy oils to help nourish the skin and bring it back to the pH levels it needs, essential oils and other beneficials additives such as honeys, aloe and oatmeal. Blunteffects® organic handmade soap bars are 100% au naturale, are handcrafted with a blend of essential oils and lots of rich moisturizing oils. Our handmade bars are gentle yet effective for everyday use. If used as directed, each bar can last around 3-4 weeks. For more information and to see our organic soap inventory, please visit our website.

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  • How To Use Incense During Meditation

    Incense comes in a few different forms, but it is most commonly thought of in stick form. It’s a natural material that releases a scent when it is burned. Although incense can usually be defined as a specific scent, the scented elements come in a variety of smells. Often, incense is used as a tool to help calm the body and the mind. Since the scent of the incense is so aromatic, it can be used to help freshen your entire house.

    The History Of Incense

    The use of incense can be traced back thousands of years. The Egyptians used dried flowers to produce scents as a part of their sacrifices and ceremonies. Today, we understand the numerous benefits of burning incense.

    Incense And Meditation

    Incense encourages the mind to focus while meditating. You can use fragrance as both a premeditation ritual and a tool to help while meditating. Many meditation rituals involve first lighting a candle and then lighting a stick of incense from that flame. The purpose of most meditation rituals is to clear the mind to be ready for meditation.

    Experimenting With Incense

    You might need to experiment with incense a bit before you find a form or scent that works for you. You should discover the smell that you most associate with relaxation. Different scents have different effects from boosting energy levels to promoting love and desire.

    Blunteffects® has a variety of incense and accessories to help you with your meditation rituals. Check out our website and place an order today. You’ll be well on your way to the scents of relaxation and clarity.

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  • Burning Incense To Protect Your Peace

    With the New Year fastly approaching, the resolutions will soon be in full swing once 2018 arrives. Often times, people make resolutions to change their physical appearance or vow to treat others better. However, many of us do not consider our own peace and sanity. This New Year, it’s time to put yourself first. Life can be stressful and finding a way to deal with stress and protecting your peace can be difficult.

    Activities such as yoga and meditation allow individuals to unwind and recharge. When you add incense into the mix, you’re doing yourself a world of good. According to, “Burning incense is a peaceful act and recalls loving memories in abundance…” By incorporating incense sticks into your meditation process, you allow yourself the opportunity to sink into a world of bliss and relaxation.

    If you’re a fan of scented incense, then be sure to check out the Blunteffects incense sticks, available in either 11 inch or jumbo sizes. We offer over 10 enticing scents. Our scents are truly unique and one of a kind. Protect your peace in 2018, you deserve it.

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  • How Air Fresheners Work

  • How To Use Super Potent Black Castor Oil To Rejuvenate Hair Growth

    If you’re looking for a natural way to rejuvenate your hair follicles, allowing for fast regrowth of hair, Jamaican black castor oil is the product that you’re looking for. Any hair loss or damaged hair can be distressing. With a mix of onion and garlic oils ( known to improve circulation to the scalp area) along with black castor oil, the roots of the hair are able to grow strong. Think of this oil as an alarm clock to wake up your hair follicles and provide stimulation for growth.

    Other benefits of black castor oil include:
    • Thicken hair
    • Increase the growth of hair
    • Prevent hair damage
    • Moisten dry hair
    • Give hair a fuller, shinier appearance 
    • Provide deep conditioning to the hair and scalp
    • Combat a dry scalp

    Directions For Using Black Castor Oil

    First, you should take the oil and massage it into your scalp. Concentrate especially on areas that are thinning and/or balding. You can do this on either wet or dry hair. Repeat this process at least once per week for a 10-minute stretch. You should begin to see noticeable results within 1 to 3 months.

    It’s important to continue to care for your hair with regular shampoo treatments as well. The buildup of oil and grease on the scalp will be detrimental to the castor oil penetrating your hair follicles.

    For all kinds of useful natural products including incense, soaps, and essential oils, check out Blunteffects® USA. We offer a fantastic selection of natural products that are aimed to help your overall health and well being.

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  • Why Use Organic Soaps?

    Organic soaps can be a lifesaver for people, especially those with sensitive skin or skin conditions. By using natural skin care products, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your skin woes. Many people suffer from chemical sensitivities, but with organic soaps, the ingredients are all natural and should be less irritating. These natural materials are just that meaning they have not been produced with any chemicals. The ingredients of pure organic soaps are natural through and through.

    When you’re searching for organic soaps and other cosmetic items, you’ll want to read the ingredients thoroughly. Many products claim to be organic but fall short. These “organic” materials are nothing but marketing ploys and anything but natural. If you have started to get irritated skin from your soap, you may want to consider switching to organic, natural ingredients. These components include:
    • Aloe
    • Peppermint
    • Olive oil
    • Cinnamon 
    • Goat’s milk
    • Coconut oil
    Each of these ingredients affords a different benefit to your health and well being. From soothing the skin to providing long term moisture, you can feel good about using natural soaps and body care products.

    Blunteffects® is in the business of scents. We’re also in the business of making you feel good. Enjoy our body care products including our excellent collection of organic soaps. You’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase these items sooner!

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