Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Nobody wants a car that makes people hold their noses when they get in. Unfortunately, our vehicles can be magnets for unseemly odors that linger no matter what we do. Below, we’ll show you some simple ways to keep your car smelling fresher for longer.

Clean and Vacuum Regularly

Obviously, if you want to keep your car smelling fresh, you’ll need to clean the interior regularly. The more often you thoroughly clean your vehicle’s interior, the less chance there is for stains or messes to linger and produce unseemly odors in your car.

Vacuuming is especially important for cars with cloth upholstery, as dirt and contaminants can stick to the fabric and linger. Even if you have leather seats, vacuuming every nook and cranny of your car’s interior will ensure nothing stays behind and causes persistent odors.

Avoid Eating in the Car

Another simple but effective way to keep your car smelling fresh is to avoid eating in the vehicle as much as possible. This limitation can be difficult when you just want a quick snack or are on a road trip. However, if you want to preserve your vehicle’s freshness, you’ll keep food out as much as possible.

Eating food in the car can lead to stains and crumbs in the upholstery and narrow crevices. It can also encourage you to leave garbage in the car. Remove any garbage from your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid leaving funky and persistent odors behind.

Keep an Air Freshener in the Car

A good way to fight against any potential odors invading and conquering your car’s interior is always to keep air fresheners on hand. You might default to the pine tree hanger, but it’s best to go with a more intense and thorough air deodorizer.

There are many convenient solutions, such as car air fresheners that attach to your heating/air conditioning vents or concentrated sprays that you can use when needed.

Change the Cabin Air Filter

You should also change your cabin air filter every 15,000 miles—if you’ve gone longer without doing so, you should swap it out for a new one immediately. Your car’s cabin air filter collects and traps contaminants such as dust, pollen, and mold.

If it’s old, it won’t trap these contaminants and will let more bad smells into your car. A fresh air filter is better for your health and your nose!

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