Water Element Incense

Water Element Incense
Water Element Incense

Water Element Incense

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Water is a feminine element and is the element of emotions & subconscious, intuition, purification, compassion, family & intuition. Water is attributed to cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving powers. The power of the energy of water can be felt simply by drinking it or placing your hand in water or pouring water over the body. Water is fluid and has no shape of its own but follows the shape of the earth or whatever that holds it. Just like water our emotions are also the movement of energy within our bodies. We range from happy to sad, inspired to discouraged, and so on. Water quenches our thirst but too much water can drown us. So, a balance of this element is necessary. Call upon the Water Goddess as you burn the Water Goddess Incense to increase your psychic abilities or in spells & rituals for friendship, marriage, healing, cleansing, pleasure, and scrying.

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