Waning Moon Incense

Waning Moon Incense
Waning Moon Incense

Waning Moon Incense

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The period after the full moon and before the new moon is the waning crescent moon phase. As the moon orbits the earth, the angle between the moon and the sun increases, and the side we see is shrouded in darkness. The waning moon is the period when the moon goes from full to dark. Burn the waning moon incense while performing rituals or magic to send away. Things that you no longer want, or get rid of, destroy, and things that you no longer want to be burdened by. It is the best time to perform banish rituals. The moon is fading away and it is the time for you to unleash all the negative energies and get rid of anything that is bad, hostile, or toxic and start fresh with the new moon cycle.

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