Mercury in Retrograde Incense

Mercury in Retrograde Incense
Mercury in Retrograde Incense

Mercury in Retrograde Incense

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The planet Mercury controls communication and symbolizes coordination. It controls thought the process, ideas, and sensory information from the conscious to the unconscious sources. It is also associated with water, thus affecting emotions.

When the planet is retrograde, it is orbiting in an opposite direction to other bodies within its system. Mercury goes in retrograde three times a year, for about three weeks at a time. When a planet is retrograde, its functions turn inward. Instead of the planet affecting you on an external level, it affects you on an internal level. It has the power to create several inconvenient situations. It may affect your relationships, disrupting harmony and peace. It may cause communication issues and may bring up unfinished business. You must think carefully before saying what comes to your mind. Instead of feeling anxious and stressed it is better to focus on improving oneself. During the retrograde, it is time to apologize and say what you need to say and leave it on a positive note. It is time for inner growth and self-improvement.
Mercury in retrograde incense was handcrafted with the intention to use it as an offering to negate the effects of mercury in retrograde. It is for protection, relaxation, clarity of memory, and aiding in positive communication. This incense is burned to help ease the unpleasant effects associated with Mercury Retrograde

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