Fresh Linen Wax Melt

Fresh Linen Wax Melt
Fresh Linen Wax Melt
Fresh Linen Wax Melt

Fresh Linen Wax Melt

The iconic Fresh Linen fragrance!

Fresh Linen is a timeless and inviting scent that evokes the feeling of crisp, clean sheets and the freshness of a newly laundered load of laundry. It's a calming and uplifting fragrance that's often associated with feelings of serenity, relaxation, and a sense of well-being.

Easy-to-Use Wax Melts

To use our wax melts, simply follow these steps:

Break a cube of wax melt into your desired amount. Light your tea light or heat warmer. Place the cube into your tea light or electric heat warmer, depending on your burner type. Reuse wisely. After 2-3 uses, replace your wax melt cube with a new one to maintain a strong and concentrated aroma.

Important: When using wax melts, always use caution as they involve the use of heat. The wax melt will solidify when it cools, making it easy to reuse or dispose of. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to enjoy a pleasant and fragrant experience with our wax melts.

6 Cubes per Pack

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