Earth Element Incense

Earth Element Incense
Earth Element Incense

Earth Element Incense

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Earth is the basis and foundation of all elements. It is a mother of all things, and it is a feminine element. It is the element of stability, connecting, grounding, fertile & nurturing. In the physical manifestations, the element of earth represents the densest of the elements such as rocks, stones, crystals & gems. Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, prosperity & growth. Earth represents matter, our physical body, our finances, our food, our house & our farmland. The earth is the womb that seeds life into existence but at the same time it can be extremely dry, dusty & hot like in the deserts and thus a balance in this element is necessary. To benefit from the energy of the earth, you need to connect with it. Walk barefoot so you can connect directly with mother earth, or simply press your hands against the fresh soil and you can feel the energy of the earth. Gravitation is the energy of this element. Call upon the Earth Goddess as you burn the Earth Goddess Incense to invoke the energy of stability, prosperity, fertility, grounding, burial, or for spells and rituals for attracting business or money or manipulating any geological material such as plants, stones, or minerals.
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