Ways To Eliminate Long-Standing Pet Odor From Your Home

Ways To Eliminate Long-Standing Pet Odor From Your Home

We love our pets but don’t love the smells they leave behind that can infect a home. If your home has long-standing pet odors, we have some helpful ways to eliminate and replace them with fresh fragrances below!

Air It Out

Removing pet odors in your home isn’t much different than eliminating resilient smells from your clothes or car. A good first step is to air your home out to release the trapped odors and introduce fresh, circulated air. Open all windows and doors and let the air circulate for at least a few hours, if not longer.

Deep Clean the Carpets

Often, the best way to eliminate long-standing pet odors from your home is to focus on the carpets. Carpet fibers can trap airborne odors for a long time, and stains from pets can linger even after you think you’ve cleaned them.

You can vacuum and scrub all you want, but the best way to remove odors from carpets is to shampoo or have a professional do it. Professional carpet cleaning can be expensive, but you can reduce the cost by having a professional clean the worst-smelling rooms and shampooing the rest yourself. If your carpets still smell after shampooing, it’s time to replace them.

Wash the Drapes

Drapes, like the carpet, can trap foul odors and become a magnet for unpleasant pet smells. You can wash your home’s drapes and curtains yourself, but a professional dry cleaning or steam cleaning is the best way to completely neutralize odors. As with carpets, if the drapes still smell after a wash, just replace them and start fresh.

Use Odor Neutralizers

After deep cleaning your home and removing the lingering pet odors, keep it smelling clean and fresh with odor neutralizers and fragrances. Keep air freshener sprays or scented candles in your pet’s space, and place wax melts throughout your home for maximum odor mitigation.

If you need home odor eliminators to keep the pet odors out, we can help! Blunteffects® has a wide selection of air freshener sprays that deodorize rooms and replace them with lovely scents. Browse our 100 percent natural scents inventory to find the ideal fragrance for your home today!

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