Wax Melts vs. Candles: Which Should You Choose?

Wax Melts vs. Candles: Which Should You Choose?

Many options are available when choosing your home’s signature aroma, with two of the most popular being scented wax melts and candles, but which should you choose? Our brief guide on wax melts and their advantages over scented candles will help you decide!

What Are Wax Melts?

As the name suggests, wax melts are pieces of scented wax you melt in a ceramic or glass container. These wax pieces are typically in the shape of cubes but can come in various shapes and sizes. Wax melts do not have wicks like candles; instead, they release their fragrance by melting over an electric or flame oil burner.

While wax melts are much smaller than candles, they still offer plenty of amazing scents and have grown increasingly popular in recent years. You can’t go wrong with choosing Blunteffects’ scented handmade wax melts over candles, as they do have some advantages you should consider.

What Are the Advantages of Wax Melts Over Candles?

Flame & Soot-Free

Since there’s no wick to melt the wax, there’s no smoke or soot that traditionally comes with burning candles. And while we love a good scented candle, there’s always a slight risk of lighting an open flame in your home. Plus, our soy wax melts are soot-free, so users don’t have to worry about burning harmful chemicals like paraffin or benzene when using wax melts.

Longer Burn Time

While wax melts are much smaller than traditional candles, they take longer to heat up and burn longer, which means they release their scent steadily over time and for longer than candles. Candles use intense heat and a wick to melt the wax and release the fragrance, diffusing the scent into the air more quickly.

Better Value

Since wax melts have a longer burn time; buyers get better value than they would from a scented candle. While the burn time of a candle depends on its size, a basic 12-ounce candle has approximately 70 hours of burn time. A pack of wax melts has a burn time closer to 90 hours.

Plus, you can burn wax melts until the scent is completely gone, whereas candles can only burn to about a quarter of their size. Consider wax melts for the best fragrance value!

If you’re sold and ready to try some wax melts, Blunteffects has a vast inventory of soy wax melts with amazing scents to choose from! Get wax melts and experience the benefits yourself!

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