How To Safely Burn Incense

When you burn incense, it has quite a mood lifting effect. If incense isn’t used with care, however, you could pose a serious safety risk to you and those around you. Incense is HOT! It can cause significant burns to skin and fabrics and even start a fire.   

Place The Incense Burner On A Heat Resistant Surface

You should always place your incense burner on a heat-resistant surface. This could be something like a trivet used in the kitchen or a ceramic tile. The outside of the burner has the ability to get very warm- warm enough to burn through surfaces. If the burner itself isn’t properly protected, merely lighting the incense in the unit could become a fire hazard.

Use The Right Burner

You shouldn’t use just anything to burn your incense on. This is why Blunteffects® sells specialty incense burners to go along with your incense purchase. The burners should have the proper insulation and ventilation, depending upon the type of incense that is being burned. Without the right burner, certain surfaces could become discolored or damaged.

Be Cautious Where You Burn Your Incense!

You should always burn your incense in an area that doesn’t pose a fire threat. Remember that you’ll need to keep your incense away from curtains, blankets, and paper of any kind.

Blunteffects® will be happy to be your incense supplier. All you need to do is pick your scent and order your supplies!  

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