Hand-Poured Candles vs. Mass-Produced Candles

When you want to improve the mood, smell, or both in your home, buying a candle is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are tremendous differences between the hand-poured and mass-produced candles you can find on the market. Let’s look at how both candle processes differ, from the differences in wax and wick quality to how people craft each type.

Candle Wax Differences

Not all candle wax is the same; most mass-produced candles use petroleum-based paraffin wax, which releases stored carbon into the atmosphere. Adversely, most handmade candles opt for more natural waxes, including coconut oil, beeswax, soy wax, and vegetable oil, that are more eco-friendly and better for air quality.

Candle Wick Differences

It’s not commonly known that mass-produced and hand-poured candles differ when it comes to wick quality as well. Mass-produced candles sometimes use lead-centered wicks in their products, while hand-poured candles use natural wicks that produce fewer pollutants in the home. Hand-poured candles often include wood, cotton, hemp, nettle, and linen materials for their wicks.

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing processes of the two candle types can also contribute to their differences. Firstly, handmade candles have a hands-on, observant approach, including hand-mixing, pouring, and individually testing each product batch. For mass-production companies, these candles usually undergo machine mixing and pouring. The manufacturer may only test a few candles of the thousands produced in massive batches.

Additional Packaging

It’s common for mass-production candle companies to use plastic packaging in bulk to save on costs, but these plastics can hurt the environment.

Alternatively, small hand-poured candle businesses often opt for recycled materials such as paper and cardboard to package their products. Smaller candle businesses tend to place more emphasis on environmental considerations and conservation efforts, minimizing environmental impact and leaving a better impression on customers.

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