Common Myths About Incense Sticks Debunked

People have been burning incense for thousands of years, and in that time, some misconceptions about the practice have arisen. Below, we’ll debunk some common myths about incense sticks regarding the health hazards they may or may not present and safety practices for using them.

It’s Unsafe To Burn Incense Sticks Indoors

While you should take certain precautions when burning incense at home, it’s not certainly dangerous to do indoors. Some say it’s only safe to burn incense outdoors, but that’s a common misconception. Burning incense, like burning anything, creates smoke and soot in the air, which can have negative health effects if a person inhales them for too long.

As long as a person takes certain precautions while burning incense indoors, such as opening a window and ensuring proper ventilation, it’s perfectly safe. And any negative health effects associated with burning incense indoors are from continued exposure for many years. If you only burn incense indoors once in a while, you don’t have to worry about your health.

Candles Are Safer Than Incense Sticks

With the stigma of the long-term health effects of burning incense indoors, a common myth that deserves to be debunked is that candles are safer and healthier than incense sticks. The negative effects of incense come from the smoke and soot they create; as we all know, candles produce the same smoke and soot.

One aspect of candles that is more dangerous than incense sticks is that they require an open flame. Even a small open flame on a candle creates a fire hazard that isn’t present when burning incense. Plus, all-natural dipped incense sticks are safer to burn than incense sticks or candles that use artificial fragrances and ingredients.

Pro Tip: For a non-smoke fragrance alternative, consider a diffuser with all-natural ingredients.

Incense Sticks Only Improve the Smell

Another myth about burning incense is that while it may improve the smell of the space, it doesn’t do anything for the air quality. Incense is more than just perfume—it improves air quality by killing bacteria.

Many studies have shown that burning incense has an anti-bacterial power. In many cases, burning incense for just one hour can kill over 90 percent of the bacteria in the air. It’s one of the reasons why burning incense is a common home remedy for fighting colds and illnesses.

We hope our explainer has helped dispel some misconceptions about burning incense. If you’re interested in incense, we have a wide assortment of incense fragments in our inventory!

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