Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Wax Melts

Changing the smell of your home or office can tremendously improve the ambiance and your overall mood. If you’re looking for a way to transform the scent of your space without being overbearing, wax melts are the perfect solution for a light and delicate fragrance.

However, it’s common for wax melts to get misused, leading to wasted products and broken burners. So, here is some common wax melt mistakes to avoid for a longer-lasting, safer scent.

Freezing Your Wax Burner

When you’re finished using your wax melts, it’s tempting to put your burner in the freezer to help loosen the wax disc for easy wax removal. However, it can damage your burner, resulting in cracks and fissures. If you want to swap a current scent for a new one, light the tealight for around 30 seconds, extinguish it, then slide the wax out with a folded paper towel.

Using an Oil Burner

It’s common for markets to sell oil burners as wax burners, often advertising it as a dual-purpose solution. To tell if you’re using a wax burner, it should measure four inches from the tealight to the dish of the burner. Anything smaller than the mentioned dimensions means you’re using an oil burner, which can melt your wax too rapidly and overheat fragrance oils to a dangerous level.

Picking the Wrong Wax

Another common wax melt mistake to avoid is using the wrong type. For instance, it’s ideal to avoid paraffin wax, as it’s known to emit hazardous substances such as black soot and toxic pollution. Instead, use beeswax, soy, and coconut to keep everyone safe around the wax and scent.

Over or Underestimating Your Wax

Depending on the wax of your wax burner, a set amount of wax should get used. Knowing how much wax you’ll need will help prevent over or underestimating the required amount. For standard-sized burners, two cubes per square inch are ideal; otherwise, larger burners can hold up to four cubes per square inch to increase fragrance potency.

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