Air Fresheners Are Not Created Equal

Blunteffects® has some of the most premium air fresheners on the market. Our air fresheners are in fact one of our most popular products. One reason for this is that these air fresheners are 100% concentrated. With other air fresheners, you never know what you’re going to get. The others may only contain a small percentage of actual scent producing chemicals. You know that any air freshener can mask a scent, but any good air freshener will transform the scent. A good air freshener like Blunteffects® will truly transform a room. Blunteffects® is great for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Car (use caution)
  • Smoking Lounge 
  • Any space of choice

The best news is that we have over 100 fragrances for you to choose from! Please spray any of our Blunteffects® air fresheners with caution. While our air fresheners don’t contain any alcohol, spraying any of our very concentrated air freshener products into air vents, on fabrics, or onto plastic materials. The oils in the air freshener could possibly ruin these materials.

You can trust Blunteffects® for all of your sensual smell needs. Our incense, air fresheners, oils, and body care are all of the highest quality. We promise that your senses will be awakened!

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