Air Freshener Spray vs. Incense: Which Is Right for You?

Air Freshener Spray vs. Incense: Which Is Right for You?

When you want to enhance the aroma of a home, you have to decide between an air freshener spray or incense. If you don’t can’t decide which is right for you, our air freshener spray vs. incense comparison below can help!

Benefits of Air Freshener Spray

Instant Aroma Difference

Many people consider the primary benefit of air freshener spray that it makes an instant difference to a room’s aroma. You don’t have to wait for incense to burn and smoke to permeate the setting to smell the difference.

For those who need to change a room’s smell quickly, there’s no better fast-acting tool than an air freshener spray. And, because sprays don’t require burning and come in small bottles, you can take them anywhere for emergency aroma changes.

Works on Clothing and Fabric

Another unique benefit to air freshener sprays is that they can work on materials and items as well as the air. A quick mist of air freshener spray on practically any material—from clothing to furniture and even hair—instantly changes the smell to something more refreshing.

While the smell of incense can linger on furniture or clothes, you would need to burn it for a long period to achieve these effects. For an immediate difference, air freshener spray is the best option.

Downsides of Air Freshener Spray

While there are many benefits to air freshener spray, there are also some downsides. The user must spray the freshener themselves instead of letting incense or diffusers work their magic over time. The smell is also typically more temporary, as it’s a concentrated mist instead of a lingering smoke or vapor.

Benefits of Incense

Whole Aromatic Change

Incense the most popular tool for aroma control worldwide because of how easy it is to use and the scope of the aromatic change they produce. During the hour or so that incense burns, its smoke permeates the setting and lingers instead of being a focused mist on one area.

The slow burn of the incense allows it to seep into the entirety of the room at a gradual pace to produce a complete aromatic change. And while it takes an hour for the incense to burn fully, the difference in aroma is noticeable in minutes.

Atmospheric Quality

Another reason that incense is so popular across regions and cultures is that it’s about more than just changing the aroma of a setting—it’s about cultivating an atmosphere. A certain indefinable quality comes with burning incense that makes it useful in many situations and ceremonies.

Whether you’re preparing for a religious ceremony or setting the mood for a romantic evening, you can use incense to create a peaceful and comfortable environment that can’t be achieved with a spray bottle.

Downsides of Incense

As we mentioned, when comparing air freshener spray vs. incense, incense takes longer to change a space’s aroma, so it may not be right for you if you prefer fast-acting odor neutralizers. And because it burns, incense can be a fire hazard, so some landlords ban their use.

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