A Guide to Choosing the Right Incense for Each Occasion

A Guide to Choosing the Right Incense for Each Occasion

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is what incense we recommend for certain occasions and environments, such as meditation, relaxation, or work. If you’re looking for the ideal incense for concentration, relaxation, romance, or sleep, our guide below will help you choose the right incense for each occasion!


If you need to put yourself into a mental state of focus, whether for work, study, meditation, or exercise, there are many incense scents to consider. Our recommendation would be the citrusy fragrance of lemongrass. Lemongrass’s clean, bright fragrance is great for revitalizing the mind and shutting out distractions.

Cinnamon is another great scent for concentrating, with its warm but feisty fragrance. The warmth and comfort of cinnamon help relieve muscle tension, while the complex and spicy flavor helps stimulate the mind. So if you need to accomplish a task and need complete focus, consider either lemongrass or cinnamon!


Many people burn incense to help them relax and unwind, so there are naturally tons of fragrances to consider for such an occasion. One of the most popular and effective incense scents for many people is lavender. Lavender is a common home fragrance because its flowery scent helps relieve mental tension while lifting emotional well-being.

Lavender is one of the seven kinds of chakra incense, so it’s a common choice for yoga and meditation. Plus, people consider lavender to be a lucky flower because it flowers all year, so it never stops blooming!


There are many options when choosing the right incense for a romantic occasion, but our guide recommends one of the most classic fragrances: jasmine. Jasmine has been around forever and has always had a reputation for increasing libido and romanticism for men and women while boosting confidence.

Some people claim that when the aroma of jasmine hits the brain, it relieves tension and even lowers blood pressure. If you’re planning a romantic evening with your partner, consider setting the mood with some hand-rolled incense of jasmine!


Another common use for incense is as a sleep aid, as the fragrances can help many people calm their minds before sleep. While many incense scents are excellent for helping people find inner harmony, sandalwood is always a good choice for those trying to sleep better.

Sandalwood’s sweet, woody fragrance is an excellent relaxant, simultaneously decreasing anxiety and enhancing self-esteem. If you feel anxiety and worries are causing your insomnia, consider burning some sandalwood incense to achieve inner peace before sleep.

Now that you know what incense to burn for each occasion, shop our wide selection at Blunt Effects™ to find all these fragrances. We can ensure you’ve always got the ideal incense scent for every occasion!

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