A Brief History About Indian Incense Sticks

Whether you want to enhance your spirituality or improve the mood of your home, using incense sticks can immediately provide you with a remedy. However, do you know where Indian incense sticks come from and their impact on the world? Here’s a brief history of Indian incense sticks and their previous uses.

Where Did Incense Come From?

The word “incense” comes from the Latin word “incendere,” which translates into “to burn.” Burning incense traces back to ancient Egypt, when Egyptian priests would fumigate tombs and ceremonies using incense, such as frankincense and myrrh. Jumping forward, the earliest documented evidence of incense traces back to ancient China, where using blends of herbs and plants was a common practice.

Indian Incense Origins

Many believe the history of Indian incense sticks traces back to 3300 BC when Indians implemented their use for prayer and worship practices. In 700 BCE, Buddhism made its debut, and the practice of burning incense became common practice. In the 1900s, the first stick incense came from the Maharaja, King of Mysore, by rolling incense paste onto bamboo sticks.

Unlike temple paste, thin sticks were easier to use and produced a gentle stream of smoke, which was more suitable for smaller rooms and homes. Incense sticks were hand-rolled by local artisans in India and used for both spiritual and casual occasions.

Indian Incense of Today

Today, the art of incense-making has made an impact throughout India. The general Indian public often uses stick incense for leisure and everyday use but also provides them for many temples, while others continue to burn traditional pastes. While many offer incense sticks as an offering to the Divine, some use incense to deepen their focus during meditation, create a relaxing atmosphere, or enjoy the lovely smells.

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