5 Places in Your Home That Need Air Fresheners

Are you looking to improve the overall mood and atmosphere of your home? Using a change in smell can make a room feel relaxing, warm, and inviting to guests. Here are five places in your home that need air fresheners.


Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, peace, and tranquility. You can make your bedroom feel even more peaceful by adding the perfect aroma for deepening your quiet time. Add eucalyptus, spearmint, rose, and sandalwood to your bedroom space so that you can unwind and decompress.


The bathroom is often a private space where homeowners can get ready for the day or unwind after a long shift. However, it can start to smell like must and mildew over time, and that can quickly impact your mood when you walk into the room. You can make your bathroom smell wonderful by adding pleasant scents like citrus, lavender, tropical fruits, coconut, and vanilla.

Utility and Laundry Rooms

The harsh detergents and bleach smell can make a utility or laundry room feel like a hospital. Thankfully, it’s a place in your home where you can add a pleasant air freshener to transform the aroma into a pleasant one quickly. You can also find air fresheners that smell like clean linen and citrus to make it smell better.


The kitchen is often the place that creates most of the aroma in the home. However, cooking highly scented foods, such as heavily spiced curries, fried and greasy foods, or fish, can make your home smell more like a diner than a home.

Not only is the kitchen an area to cook in, but it’s also a place for socializing and spending time with loved ones. Using an air freshener in your kitchen can make it smell like you just pulled a freshly baked pie out of the oven or did a deep cleaning with your favorite lemon cleaner.

Entryway Areas

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into the door? For many people, it’s the way a home smells. You can transform your entryway area so that it has a welcoming atmosphere with pleasant scents.

Do you live with a lot of pets or other sources of unpleasant smells? You can use odor-eliminating air fresheners to make your home smell more pleasant than a wet dog or odor-ridden trash bins. When you greet guests at the door, the scent of citrus, lavender, sandalwood, or whatever else you pick will greet them!

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