Rosemary Peppermint Collection

    Fragrance Description: Invigorate your senses with the refreshing and uplifting aroma of Rosemary Peppermint. This energizing blend combines the crisp, herbaceous essence of rosemary with the cooling, minty freshness of peppermint, creating a scent that's both revitalizing and soothing.

    Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a burst of peppermint, its icy sweetness and mentholated freshness setting the tone for a stimulating experience.

    Middle Notes: As the scent settles, the earthy, herbaceous aroma of rosemary emerges, its piney and slightly bitter undertones adding depth and complexity to the blend.

    Base Notes: The dry down is a harmonious balance of the two main ingredients, with the rosemary's subtle bitterness and the peppermint's sweetness combining to create a calming and refreshing sensation.

    Scent Strength: Medium to strong

    Mood: This candle is perfect for those who need a pick-me-up or a boost of energy. Its invigorating aroma can help increase focus and mental clarity, making it an excellent choice for home offices, study spaces, or workout areas. Its soothing properties also make it suitable for use in bedrooms or living rooms to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

    Overall: Rosemary Peppermint Revival is a unique and captivating fragrance that will leave your senses feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the day!

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    Rosemary Peppermint Wax Melt
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