Baby Powder Collection

    A classic scent!

    Top: A gentle, subtle introduction of soft, powdery notes that evoke the comfort of a warm hug.

    Heart: A delicate blend of creamy, sweet florals, reminiscent of freshly laundered baby clothes and a hint of innocence.

    Base: A smooth, velvety dry down that leaves a lingering sense of calm, like a gentle breeze on a summer day.

    Accords: Soft powdery notes, creamy florals, and a touch of fresh air.

    Overall: Baby Powder is a soothing, comforting fragrance that transports you back to a time of innocence and simplicity. It's a gentle, non-overpowering scent that's perfect for everyday use.

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    Baby Powder Spray Air-Freshener 1 oz.
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    Baby Powder Hand-Dipped Incense
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    Baby Powder Spray Air-Freshener 2 oz.
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    Baby Powder Odor Eliminator
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    Baby Powder Hanging Diffuser
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    Baby Powder Scented Burning Oil
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    Baby Powder Can Air-Freshener
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    Baby Powder Hand-Dipped Incense - Blunt & Mild®
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