Organic Soaps Vs. Store Brand Soap

When it comes to scrub-a-dub-dubbing, many people don’t think about the ingredients in their soaps. According, “As the human body’s largest and only exterior organ, your skin comes into contact with pollutants on the daily. On top of the dirt and bacteria it touches, skin also absorbs any chemicals in the soaps you use to wash yourself.” Store brand soaps contain a rather large variety of ingredients, much which are hard to even pronounce, and they can cause more harm than good. A great chunk of commercial soaps include parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic perfume and artificial coloring; bad mix of bad stuff!

Organic, natural soaps are the better route to go, as they contain healthy oils to help nourish the skin and bring it back to the pH levels it needs, essential oils and other beneficials additives such as honeys, aloe and oatmeal. Blunteffects® organic handmade soap bars are 100% au naturale, are handcrafted with a blend of essential oils and lots of rich moisturizing oils. Our handmade bars are gentle yet effective for everyday use. If used as directed, each bar can last around 3-4 weeks. For more information and to see our organic soap inventory, please visit our website.

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